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5 things you didn't know about roulette

Are you keen on the game of roulette? You tried before and want to play more? Or you just going to bet your first dibs and see where the ball is gonna stop? Anyways, you wouldn't mind learning five the most cunning things about the roulette, which you didn't know before! So, here they are:



The story of the game


The origin of the roulette is quite controversial. A lot of rumors and tales still appear around this obscure matter. But there's a definite fact about the people, who added «0» zero to the game. They were two french brothers — Francois and Louis Blanc, they did it in long-ago 1842. In the USA one more «0» has been added - «00», and that's how the American roulette appeared. And concerning the name of the game, it comes from french and stands for «little wheel».


You won't be tricked


Did you know, that playing European roulette, casino has just 2,7% of odds with the gambler. So we can see, that casino's chances to win are almost equal with average player. According to this factor, the roulette is one of the fairest game in the world. No wonder, that it's stands among three the most popular games. In popularity, roulette only gives way to dice.


Luck brings fameroulette


Actor Shawn Connery is a big roulette gambler. And guess what! While starring in James Bond movie, he won $300 000 in italian casino. Though he bet three times together on 17! Another well-known story of english man named Ashley Revell, who sold all his property and belongings and went to Las Vegas just to bet on all red digits — he left the casino with a pretty big sum. Even Albert Einstein used to play roulette. Once he have been asked the question, - «How to win in roulette totally?» - the answer become a popular quote subsequently - «You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it». He had a sense of humor… didn't he?


Some laws to hit the jackpot


The roulette ball is thrown in the opposite direction to the wheel rota. There's also a rule, according to which ball shouldn't touch the frets till it made three complete laps on the wheel. The weight of the wheel shouldn't go beyond 60 kg.


It have never been so easy


Today, most games played online. Here you can play the roulette sitting in your armchair with a cup of coffee or tea beside enjoing the game in your own house. It's so comfortable and easy, that almost the whole world chose to play in online casinos. The leading one is «Europa Casino». Only in this casino you may be given a special bonus. All you need for that is to show your special «europa casino bonus code» while getting deposit. This code increases your winnings and helps you to earn additional money. Now, it's one of the best bonus offers among all online casinos in the world.



We hope you found our information usefull and now you're ready to take the place at the online playing tables and enjoy the rushing adrenaline. We wish you good luck!


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